Chanel IPad Case and Sell My Chanel Handbag

3 Nov

Sell My Chanel Handbag

Chanel IPad case and sell my Chanel Handbag. Chanel has recently introduced the new Chanel IPad case for fashion forward IPad owners. The funny thing is that they are selling the Chanel IPad case for a whopping $1555, while you can get your hands on the technologically savvy IPad at a starting price of $499. The most expensive version of the year’s most sought after gadget is $829, which is just a little bit more than half the cost of the Chanel case itself.  Many other designers have recently released their own versions of cases for IPads, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Oscar De La Renta. Oscar De La Renta’s version comes in a variety of colors, sells for $290, and interestingly is designed to be worn as a clutch.  The $1555 Chanel IPad case may seem staggering to some, but not until they hear about the version that Tod’s has come out with in alligator, which sells for $4900.  Sell Chanel handbag IPad case is made of the softest black quilted leather and has the double C Chanel logo.

Some argue that the Chanel IPad case is not worth the money, because they feel the Apple IPad will probably be deemed obsolete within a couple of years anyway. Others just see it as another excuse to clad themselves in designer garb from head to toe.


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