Chanel Serial Numbers and Sell My Chanel Handbag

3 Nov

Sell Chanel Handbag

What Chanel Serial Numbers Tell You and Sell My Chanel Handbag. All Chanel handbags produced since the 1980s have  serial numbers that indicate the year the bag was manufactured.  They are usually well hidden, and you may need a light to be able to see them. The serial number found inside the bag matches the serial number on the authenticity card.  If a Chanel bag does not have a serial number, it either means it is not authentic or the serial number has detached from the bag due to excessive wear. It is not a fair assumption that the Chanel bag in question is not authentic just based on the fact that it does not have  a serial number. There are many other ways to authenticate Chanel bags which I will be discussing further in future blogs to come. Sell Chanel handbag with holograms, authenticity cards, original receipts, and boxes. From the year 2000, Chanel bags included a hologram over the serial number for added security.

Between the years 1986 and 2005, Chanel serial numbers were seven digits. From the latter part of 2005 through present day, Chanel serial numbers became eight digits. From 1986 through 1988,  Sell Chanel  handbag with serial numbers began with a “0” and were printed on a white sticker. The “0”s in the serial numbers during these years should not have strikes through them and the “1”s in the serial numbers should have feet. Strikes through the “0”s and whether or not the “1”s have feet changes based on the year, and is just one of many ways to help you authenticate a Chanel bag. Between the years of 1991 and 1994, the serial numbers began with a 2, and somewhere during the course of this period the serial numbers that had “0”s went from not having strikes through them to having strikes through them, while the serial numbers with “1”s no longer had feet.

Starting in the year 2000 and still in effect today, sell my Chanel handbag serial numbers that have “0”s do have strikes, while the serial numbers with “1”s have feet. The most recent serial numbers are printed on white stickers with two Chanel logos. They also have a clear tape coating over them. You will also notice that there is an “x” cut mark through the paper, which serves the purpose of not allowing it to be removed unless otherwise damaged.  Stay tuned for more on Chanel Serial Numbers.


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