Hermes Breeds Crocodiles to Keep Up With Increased Demand & Sell Hermes Handbag

5 Nov

Sell Hermes HandbagHermes Breeds Crocodiles to Keep up With Increased Demand & Sell Hermes Handbag. This may sound absurd to some, but Hermes actually recently began breeding their own crocodiles in farms in Australia as a response to the ever increasing demand for their crocodile handbags. Sell Hermes handbag made of crocodile or leather. It can actually take between 3 and 4 crocodiles to make one bag, and each of these bags can command up to $50,000 US dollars. If you have ever tried to purchase an Hermes bag, you are familiar with the waiting process. Some of the very fashion forward even get on waiting lists for years for these treasured bags. Currently, Hermes struggles to meet their 3000 per year crocodile bag demand. Many details play into the cost of these bags, one being that crocodile farming is anything but cheap. Each crocodile has to be kept separately from the others to prevent fighting and damage to their skin. Almost a third of crocodiles on farms do not make it due to natural causes. Sell Hermes Handbags made of crocodiles. Each Hermes crocodile is made by hand and there are currently over 2000 workers producing these highly sought after bags. The company also has gorgeous jewelry, clothing, and accessories product lines available for sale at their boutiques as well as at specialty stores, but their handbag department makes up the larger part of the company’s revenue. If you didn’t already understand why these bags command such high prices, you should now!!


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