History of Chanel and Sell Chanel Handbag

5 Nov

Chanel Jumbo Handbag and Sell Chanel HandbagHistory of Chanel Bags and Sell Chanel Handbag. Gabriele “Coco” Chanel had her entrance into the world of fashion when she opened her first store in 1910. Her beginnings were in high end womens fashions, designer costume jewelry, as well as perfume. Sell Chanel handbag debuted her Chanel No. 5 perfume,which is still extremely popular and widely known today. She partnered with Pierre Wertheimer on Chanel No.5 and his family controls ownership of the perfume today. Other fashion statements that “Coco” introduced, including the “little black dress” and “signature cardigan” remain extremely popular today, and certainly helped the fashion industry evolve into what it is today. Nazi control put a halt on the fashion industry during most of Word War 2, but finally in 1954, Chanel was able to make a comeback launching new suits, coats, and purses. Sell Chanel handbag was the first ever designer to launch bell bottom pants, which have come in and out of fashion over the years. Gabriele “Coco” Chanel died in 1971, but her brand clearly did not die with her. Karl Lagerfeld became the head designer for Chanel and still remains in that position today.


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