Louis Vuitton French Company & Sell My Louis Vuitton Handbag

8 Nov

Sell My Louis Vuitton HandbagLouis Vuitton French Company & Sell My Louis Vuitton Handbag. Due to the explosive growth and demand of Louis Vuitton bags and luxury leather goods in the 1970s, Louis Vuitton partnered with a company called The French Company so they could cater to the ever growing needs of consumers. Up until the 1970s, Louis Vuitton products were always manufactured in France. Sell my Louis Vuitton handbag gave the US company (The French Company) a special allowance to manufacture Louis Vuitton bags under their name for a brief amount of years, 1976-1991. The items manufactured by the French Company were both made and sold within the US. There are only a few differences between sell my Louis Vuitton handbag manufactured by the French Company, but are all worth noting if you are in the market for some vintage Louis Vuitton pieces. The first difference is in the labeling, Louis Vuitton French Company bags do not have date codes. The second detail worth mentioning is that the hardware in bags manufactured by the French Company was mostly composed of plated nickel and was not hallmarked by the company’s logo. Both of these details are things that many people use for authentication purposes, which obviously are not enough to warrant your decision of whether the bag in question is the real thing or a replica. The French company also used a different type of leather as sell my Louis Vuitton handbag. Instead of the patina look that modern Louis Vuitton bags have after use, the French company’s leather was caramel. The coated leather that the French Company uses also makes the bags feel stronger. Many people believe that Louis Vuitton never used patches on their leather goods. This is false, the French Company did work patches into certain designs, but not many. Hopefully this guide will serve its purpose if you are looking to buy a Louis Vuitton bag manufactured by the French Company.


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