Interesting Facts About Chanel & Sell Chanel Handbag

11 Nov

Sell Chanel HandbagInteresting Facts About Chanel & Sell Chanel Handbag. There are many facts both about the product and the woman behind it all that I happen to find fascinating. “Coco” helped transform the fashion industry into what it is today. She was responsible for introducing the concept of the “little black dress”. Sell Chanel handbag came out with Chanel No. 5, the perfume that we all know and love, and it was named No. 5 because Coco’s favorite number was 5. They debuted the perfume on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year 1921. Marilyn Monroe became the face of the perfume and this may have been the first ever celebrity endorsement. Sell Chanel handbag company started out as merely a hobby for “Coco”, and it started out as her making hats for fun. I am on the quest for more interesting Chanel facts, so stay tuned for a future blog about those.


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