History of Prada & Sell Gucci Handbag

22 Nov

History of Prada & Sell Gucci Purse History of Prada & Sell Gucci Handbag.  Prada, like many other designer and sell Gucci Handbag brands have very interesting histories. Prada was founded in the year 1913 by brothers Martino and Mario Prada. The company was originally called Fratelli Prada which means Prada brothers in English. Sell Gucci handbag is similar to the history of Prada because they were both founded in Italy.  The Prada brothers did not wish to involve their female family members in the business, but unfortunately Mario Prada’s son had no interest, so his daughter joined the company and took it to a whole new level. She ran it for 20 years then passed it on to her daughter Miuccia, who introduced usage of the material Pocone. This is a waterproof material that Prada started manufacturing backpacks out of, and eventually many of their handbags and accessories were made out of this, due to its popularity. Miuccia met a man named Petrizzio Bertelli, who had his own company that manufactured leather goods, and together they came up with some very innovative ideas for new collections that helped transform the company into what it is today. By 1978, the company had approximately $450,000 in sales. Stay tuned for History of Prada!


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