Louis Vuitton Toile Damier Graphite & Sell Louis Vuitton

29 Nov

Sell Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton Toile Damier Graphite & Sell Louis Vuitton. After having over 100 years of great success with all of their lines of women’s luxury goods, sell Louis Vuitton finally launched the Damier Canvas collection in graphite to give it a masculine feel. Not only is the color graphite very masculine, it was chosen also because it signifies  a combination between lightness and resistance. Bags and leather goods from this collection are designed for a man living an urban lifestyle. Products from this line are functional, yet contemporary. The colors create somewhat of an understated look, while the black trimmings give it a trendy look. Sell Louis Vuitton from the Toile Damier Graphite collection include Pegase 60, Grimaud, Roadster, Keepall Bandouliere, Jorn, Ieoh, Tadao, Renzo, Rem, Portefeuille Brazza, Multiple and many more. The collection includes everything from soft luggage and hard trunks to messenger bags and small leather goods. Up next: Toile Damier Geant!


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