Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2010: $200+ & Sell Chanel Bag

7 Dec

Sell Chanel BagOprah’s Favorite Things List 2010: $200+ & Sell Chanel Bag. The iPad by Apple will probably one of the most popular gifts this holiday season along with sell Chanel bag, according to Oprah. The possibilities are endless with the iPad, as you can surf the web, read entire books, video chat, email, and much more. The Apple iPad is priced from $499. The next thing priced over $200 on Oprah’s favorite things list is the Coach Sophia Satchel in patent leather, which comes in either beige or crimson, and is priced at $398. It can be worn long for a daytime look, or you can remove the detachable strap for a night on the town. Next up on Oprah’s sell Chanel bag list is the Magaschoni Embellished Tunic and Leggings, which the company made specially for Oprah. She was so happy with the design and comfort of the cashmere outfit, that she had the company make it available to everyone. The tunic sells for $298 and the leggings for $260. The kitchenware company La Creuset also designed a 10 piece kitchen set in Oprah’s honor, which includes cast iron pots and pans in vibrant colors, which sells for $599. Oprah is also a big fan of Jessica Leigh Diamond Earrings by Dana Rebecca Designs, which come in white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold in a chandelier, each featuring 1.17 carats of diamonds. Next up on Oprah’s sell Chanel bag list is the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. Wouldn’t we all love to be sitting in Oprah’s audience to receive this! This car has been newly redesigned completely from the outside to the inside and is being kept a secret until May 2011, when it will be unveiled. Ralph Lauren also designed a cable sweater in Oprah’s honor,in a golden shade, which she picked. He also designed a custom label for the sweater that reads “Ralph Lauren for Oprah”, and designed a matching cashmere throw blanket. The sweater sells for $498 and the blanket $595. Next on Oprah’s sell Chanel bag list is something I think we could all use, the  Elfa Customizable Closet System from The Container Store. This fabulous customizable closet starts at $1000, and the Container Store  has designers ready online to build you the perfect custom closet. Oprah is also a big fan of Judith Ripka’s jewelry, including the Eclipse earrings, which are made of white sapphires and crystals set in sterling silver. Yet another designer to design something especially for Oprah is Philip Stein, who introduced the Oprah watch in honor of the company’s 25th anniversary. This watch has two different time zones and each one is represented by an “O” for Oprah. The “2” and “5” on each watch is written in silver, while all the other letters are in black, so they stand out in recognition of the company’s 25th anniversary. This watch sells for $2475 with diamonds and $825 without. Also on Oprah’s sell Chanel bag list is the Nikon D3100 digital camera, which has everything the photography enthusiast would want plus high definition video and point and shoot camera, which sells for $699.95. Oprah also loves the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise, which is priced according to month of travel desired.


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