Who Went Home On the Bachelor Last Night & Sell Louis Vuitton

15 Feb

Sell Louis VuittonWho Went Home on the Bachelor Last Night & Sell Louis Vuitton. Last night on the sell Louis Vuitton Bachelor, the crew traveled to Anguilla for three one on one dates and one group date. The first date was with Emily, who Brad took for a helicopter ride. He was worried about how their relationship would progress, and during their picnic, they struggled to have a conversation. Shawntel N scored the next date, where her and Brad went biking in Anguilla. Shawntel N even told Brad that she had fallen in love with him. Brad took Britt out on a yacht for the third one on one date. Britt and Brad appeared to have no romantic spark, and Brad let Britt know this, needless to say, she went home that night. Chantal, Ashley, and Michelle were the three that went on the group date. Chantal tells Brad that she has fallen in love with him as well, but their seems to be something missing between the two of them. Brad tells Michelle that she is too aggressive, and I think she is starting to scare him at this point. Brad tells Ashley that she is putting walls up, and in order for their relationship to progress, she needs to let her guard down. In my opinion, Shawntel N is going to end up with Brad. She seems to have the most chemistry with sell Louis Vuitton Brad.


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