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A Brief Recap of Last Night’s Episode of the Bachelor 2011 Starring Brad Womack & Sell Louis Vuitton

11 Jan

Sell Louis VuittonA Brief Recap of Last Night’s Episode of the Bachelor 2011 Starring Brad Womack & Sell Louis Vuitton. As we all know, the Bachelor has been one of the most popularly viewed sell Louis Vuitton reality shows on TV, since its first season. Things got really heated last night when Melissa, the blonde waitress who left her job and everything she had to be on the show, got jealous of some of the other girls. During the PSA that the group filmed for the American Red Cross, Melissa stormed in to the middle of a scene to make out with Brad. This was very uncalled for and irked many of the girls, as well as audiences at home. There were also many instances in sell Louis Vuitton which she seemed very desperate and mentally unstable, sending her home without a rose at the end of the episode. Also feuding the fire between the girls was Michelle, whose 30th birthday was the day of the group date, and she wasn’t taking no for an answer with Brad on her birthday. She must have mentioned that it was her birthday atleast 20 times, and many of the girls had noticed that she seemed like the type of girl to always get what she wants. Despite her seeming crazy and also mentally unstable, Michelle did receive a rose before the end of the episode, but this could have been because Brad didn’t want her to feel bad on her 30th birthday. Melissa also started a problem with Rachel, who later did not receive a rose either. An interesting, however unnecessary part of the show, was when Ali and Roberto were brought into the show to help Brad identify which women they thought were there for the right reasons and which women were not.  Ali instantly could tell which women were bringing all the drama. Stay tuned for more blogs about the Bachelor 2011!