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Millionaire Matchmaker’s Stacy Kessler Flops At Another Chance At Love & Sell Hermes Handbag

12 Jan

Sell Hermes HandbagMillionaire Matchmaker’s Stacy Kessler Flops At Another Chance At Love & Sell Hermes Handbag. Last night’s episode of sell Hermes Handbag The Millionaire Matchmaker starred a very familiar face, none other than actress/model/businesswoman, etc Stacy Kessler. She had her first chance at love on a previous episode of the show this season, in which Patti Stanger (and anyone else who watched) deemed her mentally unstable and experiencing a midlife crisis. When asked what her profession was, she had several answers, she was clearly all over the place and had severe ADD. After not having a happy ending the previous time she starred on the show, Patti agreed to let her come back on the season finale after being asked a series of questions overĀ  a polygraph test. She picked two men from the mixer, Pete and Eben. Her final selection to go on a master date was Eben, but when she opened the date by showing him a video of her modeling lingerie, he was extremely turned off. He even told her that he was not sexually attracted to her to her face. Needless to say, this was not a happy ending to sell Hermes handbag chance at love. To top off her disappointing date, Patti threw her out of the millionaire’s club for not following her rules. As we are all familiar with the way Patti operates, if you don’t play by her rules, you don’t play. I think having Stacy Kessler make a repeat performance was a great way to close the season!